What is the new coronavirus (COVID-19)? Introduction of 9 Prevention Laws and Consultation Services

What is the new coronavirus (COVID-19) Covid?

An infectious disease caused by a new type of coronavirus that has not been confirmed in humans in the past.
Coronavirus itself is not a rare virus. A
common coronavirus infection is a respiratory infection commonly diagnosed as a “cold.”
However, if a gene mutation occurs for some reason, humans can be infected with a virus that previously transmitted only other animals.
This is what is called a new virus! !
Diseases caused by a new type of coronavirus that have been born so far include
“MERS (Mars) (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)” and
“SARS (Sars )” (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

This new coronavirus (COVID-19) Covid has been found to be more susceptible to pneumonia than normal coronavirus.


Reasons called coronavirus


The name “Coronavirus” was named because it looks like a crown (“Corona” in Greek) when observed with an electron microscope. It is an enveloped virus that has a membrane made of lipid, which further covers the outside of the virus shell (capsid protein) .


Weaknesses of envelope virus

Alcohol disinfectants prove to be effective because alcohol breaks the membrane and damages the virus.

Viruses are classified into enveloped viruses (envelope viruses) and non-enveloped viruses (non-enveloped viruses) based on their structure. 80% of all viruses have an envelope.
Envelope viruses are
easily destroyed by alcohols such as ethanol, which are lipidic (have a property that they are hardly soluble in water and easily soluble in oil) and are easily damaged by alcohol disinfectants.

Representative viruses with an envelope include
herpes simplex virus, influenza virus, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Trivia  What is the difference between the characteristics of viruses and bacteria that cannot be heard now?

Source Mainichi Newspaper

What are the main symptoms?

   From NHK News web
・ Fever ・ Sore throat ・ Prolonged cough (around 1 week) ・ Strongness (malaise) ・
Not all people infected with respiratory distress virus develop symptoms, and the virus passes without symptoms It is thought that there are cases in which the
disease is eliminated, and the range of this disease is much wider than originally expected, and it is said that many cases are asymptomatic.
Such infected people are called asymptomatic carriers .
They are sometimes called asymptomatic carriers and healthy carriers .

What is the incubation period from infection to onset?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Q & A, it is 1 to 12.5 days (often 5 to 6 days).
Infected individuals are recommended to monitor their health for 14 days.



How do you get infected? 

How the new coronavirus infections are transmitted At present, droplet infection (Himatsukankan) and contact infection are considered to be the two main routes of transmission .

What is droplet infection?

Sprays such as runny nose, saliva, and sputum containing pathogens (viruses) fly by coughing or sneezing of the infected person, and become infected by attaching to mucous membranes.
Spray infection occurs in the area where the droplets fly, so the risk of infection varies depending on the distance, time, and the presence of obstacles.
Longer distances, shorter contact times, and the creation of obstacles can reduce the risk of infection.
The range over which the droplets fly depends on conditions such as weather and wind direction, but in general, “if you are in the same place for about 30 minutes within 2 meters”, you may be infected. Conversely, the risk of infection is low unless you are 2 meters away, only contact for a few minutes, or if you do not sneeze or splash on the mucous membranes such as eyes, nose, and mouth.
In the same room, if there is one screen, the droplets will be blocked there, reducing the possibility of spread.
* Main infection sites: Schools, workplaces, crowded trains, buses, theaters, etc., where many people gather.


What is contact infection?

Infection occurs through direct contact with the skin and mucous membranes and through hands and objects that come into contact with the virus.
It is transmitted by touching the area around the eyes, nose and mouth with the hand that has touched the virus attached object.
Whether a virus attached to an object is infectious or not depends greatly on the type of virus.
Also, it depends on the conditions such as temperature, humidity, and attached matter, so it is impossible to say unconditionally.
However, basically, a virus cannot propagate without cells, so the virus away from the infected person will lose its infectivity within a few days.
* Main infection areas: Train and bus straps, door knobs, switches, handrails, public toilets, elevator buttons, etc.



9 ways to prevent coronavirus infection

We will introduce important prevention points and recommended products! !

It is a bit difficult, but explains the principle of infection control

Basically 1 | Do not bring in pathogen 2 | Do not take out 3 | Do not spread

Three factors of infection establishment and infection control Infectious diseases are transmitted by the following three factors : (1) pathogen (source of infection), (2) infection route, and (3) host.

                                                         Source <stronghttps: //slidesplayer.net/>

It is important to eliminate any one of these factors in infection control.
In particular, blocking the route of infection (contact infection prevention measures, droplet infection prevention measures, airborne infection prevention measures) is an important measure to prevent the spread of infection.

When you go home after going out! !

Hand washing ⇒ Gargle ⇒ Wash clothes that can be washed outside immediately wash things that cannot be washed ⇒ Disinfect things that cannot be washed ⇒ If possible, bathing after going out is preferable

The most important thing is not to bring pathogens into your living space! !

① Prevent infection by frequent hand washing! 

Has the role of physically washing away the virus attached to the hand

Our hands carry various infectious diseases.
Washing your hands will not only prevent the pathogens on your hands from entering your body, but also
spread the infection to people around you.
Hand washing is an extremely effective infection control you can do in your daily life.
But it’s not just about washing your hands.
The pathogens are invisible, so there is no point in washing hands properly! !



There was an easy-to-understand video for children about the correct hand washing method. Please try to reference! !

How to properly wash Gachapin Mook


Hand-drawn song


[Parent and child handwashing] Shimajiro Awahawato [Shimajiro channel formula]



② Prevent with a disinfectant!

Alcohol for disinfection (70%) has been found to be effective for disinfecting the skin of hands and the like, and sodium hypochlorite (0.1%) is effective for disinfecting the surface of objects. Quoted from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare


Coronavirus is a virus that is vulnerable to alcohol

Highly concentrated alcohol is said to have the effect of destroying proteins on the surface of coronavirus and killing the virus.

Basically, it is desirable to wash the virus by hand washing using a hand soap, etc., then wipe off the moisture with a paper towel or a clean towel, and then further disinfect with alcohol.

It’s best if you have an alcohol hand sanitizer, but it’s not sold anywhere! ! I think it is expensive even if sold.
In that case, you can make with absolute ethanol and purified water! !
Basic 8: 2 (4: 1) is OK, but anhydrous ethanol “shrinks” when mixed with water, reducing the volume a little.
Therefore, “just a little more purified water” will be just the right concentration.

Cautions Use
anhydrous alcohol with caution as it is a highly concentrated solution! !
• put out of the reach of children’s hands
Never put beside the • Fire (easily flammable)
when I got to • mucous membranes (eyes, mouth, nose), flush with large amounts of water, foil Once swallowed

(Alcohol disinfection has a disinfecting effect, but it is said that disinfection after washing hands is desirable because it does not remove the stains on the hands.)

Hand washing and alcohol disinfection are the basics of hygiene management, but if the hands become rough and become a source of infection due to that, it will be overturned.

Excessive cleaning can cause rough hands and bacterial growth, and can cause rough hands due to alcohol disinfection!


Get the right hand washing and hand care habits.

As one of the measures against infectious diseases, hand care is attracting attention in medical practice.

Hand washing and alcohol disinfection are inevitable, so it is important to take care of the hands to keep them from getting worse.

There are many types of “resident bacteria” in human skin, creating a barrier on the skin surface and preventing the invasion of pathogenic bacteria.

Excessive washing and alcohol disinfection can remove the indigenous bacteria and, in fact, lead to the growth of pathogenic bacteria. It can also increase the risk of contact infection. In addition, rough skin becomes a breeding ground for bacterial growth.

Hand wash points that do not invite you

● Wash with lukewarm water and do not rub too much. If the
temperature is high, it will take too much oil and cause drying.

● Do not
forget to wash around your nails and between your fingers with soap . Carefully wash around your nails and between your fingers.

● Do not use a
hand dryer. A hand dryer tends to dry your fingertips too much.

● After washing your hands, do not
wipe your hands with your hair or clothes . After washing, wipe off the moisture with a clean towel or handkerchief immediately.

New gargle, hand washing and hand care habits for infectious disease control .

If you can’t take care of it often, make intensive care before going to bed! !

Tips for preventing rough hands and keeping healthy fingers

You can make clean and clean fingers by adding pinpoint alcohol disinfection to your usual hand washing. Normally, you can keep the cleanliness just by washing with a mild detergent.
Avoid excessive disinfection and cleaning, and protect and moisturize rough skin with finger cream.

Topics on Instagram. Oil-free hand serum [Livitte Hand Serum]

A new type of hand serum that combines 10 types of plant extracts into the hot spring water of Sakakibara Onsen, one of Japan’s three most famous springs. It’s oil-free but moisturizes, and doesn’t sticky at all. Even people who frequently use smartphones and PCs can use them without worrying about stickiness or dirt on the screen.


Sodium hypochlorite has also been found to be effective in disinfecting the surface of objects.(From Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Q & A on New Coronavirus)

Sodium hypochlorite is a so-called chlorine bleach.

Sodium hypochlorite is effective for all microorganisms. When used for disinfection, the concentration is 0.1%,

Disinfectant made with household chlorine bleach

The dilution method for household chlorine bleach containing sodium hypochlorite (when the product concentration is about 6%) is as follows. Check the concentration of the product to be used and use it according to the usage and dosage.

* Note that the effective concentration of dilute sodium hypochlorite disinfectant decreases over time.
* Some products are instructed to be stored in a cool and dark place, so it is necessary to store them properly according to the instructions.From Shionogi

Disinfectant management and precautions for use

○ Antiseptics are effective in preventing infectious diseases, but can be harmful if used incorrectly.

○ It is important to follow proper usage such as application and dilution method according to the type of disinfectant.

Store disinfectants out of the reach of children.

Disinfectants are diluted at the time of use and changed daily.

For dilution, observe the concentration and disinfection time before use.

When using a plastic bottle for dilution, pay special attention to accidental ingestion. It is important to devise containers such as color coding so that disinfectants are not used by mistake.

When performing disinfection, move the child to a separate room, and the disinfectant wears a mask and gloves.

When using, provide sufficient ventilation.

Thoroughly remove blood, vomit, diarrhea, etc. before disinfecting.

If used on metal parts, wipe off the water after about 10 minutes. (It may cause corrosion)

Do not spray with a spray bottle.

Please read the “Precautions for Use” printed on the product before use.


Introducing recommended sanitizing products

①A multifunctional moisturizing mist lotion that can be used from disinfection to moisturizing baby’s hand skin. [Queen’s Bathroom] Three Effect Skin Mist

Mist lotion  alcohol contraindications that can also be recommended for eradication, can be used for small children! !
With this one, it is not afraid to dry, to lose makeup, or to be a virus. Queen’s Bathroom Three Effect Skin Mist is a completely new mist lotion that has three functions of moisturizing & preventing makeup collapse, sanitizing, and wiping lotion by using “conductive ion water” generated by special technology.
It is just the right size (100mL) to carry in a bag, moisturizes the skin that is worried about dryness from the top of the makeup, and prevents makeup collapse.
Furthermore, alcohol eradication, which is used as a countermeasure against bacteria and viruses, is highly irritating and dries the skin, but it does not stimulate or dry the skin due to the weak charge of the three effect skin mist, and most bacteria and It can help remove the virus, which helps protect the skin of the hands of small children who are worried about alcohol stimulation.

 ② Professional germicide charmist used in medical institutions Unlike
general germicide , virus can be removed just by spraying.
The ingredients are safe to get into your mouth and eyes.
Charmist is a single sodium hypochlorite formulation that is also effective against epidemic viruses and troublesome fungi.
Instantly inactivates 99% or more after virus contact . It is also effective against tobacco odors and odors caused by various bacteria.
Research by Japan Food Research Laboratories, etc.Sodium hypochlorite preparations originally have their own irritating odor, but Charmist is a tasteless, odorless and nonirritating product. There is no irritation or addiction to the eyes, mouth and skin, so it is safe even in case of emergency.
Research by Tokyo Food Research InstituteCharmist has succeeded in suppressing the loss of available chlorine by mixing sodium hypochlorite and high-purity dilution water by a special manufacturing method. As a result, there is no corrosiveness to metals, no generation of toxic gas or trihalomethane, and no generation of active oxygen.


K Blanche K Blanche is an alcohol disinfection spray for kitchens containing Noroclear Protein (*).
* Egg-derived antiviral component developed using Kewpie’s proprietary technology.
Eggs contain “lysozyme,” an antibacterial ingredient to protect lives.
By processing this lysozyme using proprietary technology, it has been changed to an antiviral component that can respond to alcohol-resistant viruses such as norovirus. That is “NOROCLEAR PROTEIN”.
Sprays quickly and removes 99.9% (*) of viruses and bacteria in 5 seconds. Because it is a 100% food-derived ingredient, it can be used with confidence in what you eat .


菌 Bactericidal and deodorant friendly to pets and people

“Hyper C Pet” is a deodorant water that is safe for pets and humans. It can be used safely for pets such as dogs and cats. It has a wide antibacterial spectrum from weak to strong bacteria, and can be sprayed in the air in public or in places with food. It is safe and can be treated like tap water, and returns to the original tap water after use. In addition to pets, it can also be used for deodorizing and removing bacteria such as garbage, toilets, cigarettes, cars and molds!
Hyper-C pets, pet odor and such as dogs and cats to become a daily care, such as life odor and tobacco smell of the room, to sterilization, antibacterial and deodorant from the smell of iodine,
a real dividing that do not cheat the smell in the aroma It is a fungus deodorant.
We have tried various deodorant sprays so far, but we recommend it with confidence.
For those who are worried about pet discipline and for families with small children, it is safe and weak acidity, and from the housewife’s point of view, such as influenza prevention, norovirus, O-157 measures, etc. One part ♪ You can surely have the feeling that you can not let go! !

 Wincome Care, a strong ally of growing mothers , responds widely from general eradication to viruses.
Injection experiments showed that the bacteria reduced 99.99% after 5 minutes
andthatvarious bacteria and molds could be removed.
In addition, high-concentration ethanol and alcohol preparations have an
immediate effect but are often volatile, so the effect cannot be achieved in many cases, but
Wincome Care confirmed that 99.99% of the virus was removed in 1 minute. I can do it.
As a result of 14 safety tests, extremely high safety has been confirmed.
can be widely used forindoor cloth products and bedding, walls, floors, sanitary products, masks, nursing care products,toilet and vomit treatment, disinfection of toys and pet supplies.

③ Gargle to reduce virus invasion!

Gargle enhances the natural defenses of the throat, such as ciliary movements, and also cleanses the mouth and throat through a physical cleaning effect and, if used, a germicidal effect. As a result, the function of the throat mucosa is restored and activated, and prevention of infection through the “oral cavity” and suppression of bad breath can be expected.
Gargle at least four times a day (at wake-up, between meals, before bedtime, etc.). In particular, gargle carefully after returning from home can help prevent respiratory infections and prevent aggravation.
Specific gargle benefits include the following:

· Adequate stimulus to actively secretion and circulation of mucus
moisturizes throat, the preventing the action of the mucosa weakens
, etc., dust washed out from the upper airways with mucus
suppress adhesion of bacteria to-oral mucosa, Makes it harder to settle
and disinfects the throat and oral cavity. * When using a gargle
, suppresses seki and removes tan. Reduce the sore throat
except for the dirt that is the source of bad breath, prevent the occurrence of bad breath
and sterilization and disinfection in the-mouth, to prevent tooth decay ※ mouthwash use at the time
, refreshing aftertaste, a cooling sensation in the oral cavity Gives and suppresses bad breath. *
It has been proven to prevent cold when using gargle

Be sure to wash your hands when gargling! !

Gargle? salt? Should I put something in?

(1) Mouthwash

It has two actions: anti-inflammatory action and bactericidal action.
You need to use these two depending on your throat condition.

1. Anti-inflammatory action It
has the effect of suppressing inflammation.
Use when the throat and mouth are irritated and have swelling or pain.
Please note that there is no germicidal effect.
(Example) Aznol mouthwash

2. Bactericidal action
Bactericidal effect against bacteria.
It also has the effect of dampening the movement against viruses.
(Example) Isodine

3. Dosage It
does not necessarily mean that you need to use a lot of mouthwash.
A strong germicidal gargle may overuse the mucous membranes if used too much.
Follow the dosage as directed by your doctor.
Even gargle with tap water has a sufficient effect.

(2) Salt gargle Gargle with
salt water is called “salt gargle”.
<Manner of salt
gargle> 1. Prepare a glass (about 100ml) of hot or cold water
. Add a quarter of a spoonful of salt
. In the mouth, chuchuchupe! And, gargle (first time)
4. With the image of salt water reaching the throat, it is rattled! And gargle (2nd to 3rd times)
* When you perform salt water gargle, please be careful about the amount of salt you put in the hot water.
If you put a large amount of salt in hot or cold water, the irritation can be so strong that it can damage the mucous membrane of the throat.
The same is true when using a mouthwash, but if your child gargles with salt water, adults around you will see if you have swallowed a large amount of salt water for gargle.

<Salt gargle effect>

Preventing colds and flu
Of course, although not 100%, salted gargling helps to prevent colds and flu.
It is said that salt has a bactericidal effect, and that gargle has the effect of killing and washing away the cold virus attached to the throat.
In addition, since the back of the throat is moist, the sensation in the throat often felt at the beginning of a cold can be suppressed.
However, for the purpose of preventing colds and flu, it is better to use a special gargle solution that has a high medicinal effect.




努 めEnhance your immunity and strive for health care and keep your body safe from viruses!

Even if the virus has entered the body, it can be eliminated if the body’s immune system functions without any problems.

In that sense, not only strive not to take in the virus itself by hand washing, etc., but also to stack healthy routines such as regular sleep and a well-balanced diet such as sufficient sleep to maintain a healthy body However, it may be the most necessary and effective measure. Moderate exercise, nutritious diet, adequate sleep, stress relief, good laughter, relaxation, and keeping your body cool are very important to prevent infections. Let’s make a body that stores basic immunity firmly and does not lose to the virus.

Introducing recommended products that increase immunity

Immunity vitamin LPS (lipopolysaccharide) which is talked about on TV now [Hyper LPS500]

What is immune vitamin LPS (lipopolysaccharide)? A hottest ingredient that boosts immunity!
LPS (official name: lipopolysaccharide) is
a component that is attracting attention as having the effect of enhancing the natural immunity of the body .
Recent research has shown that it activates immune cells “macrophages” in the body and can also help prevent any disease.
Our bodies have the ability to protect our bodies from all diseases. It is called “natural immunity”, and it is said that by strengthening natural immunity, diseases can be prevented. The immune cells “macrophages” control the “natural immunity”.
These macrophages have the property of removing viruses that cause disease, unnecessary debris in the body, and even cancer cells.If the macrophages are healthy, their immunity inside the body is high, they are less susceptible to disease, and they can maintain their health. It is said that
And it is a component called immune vitamin “LPS” that makes macrophages healthy.

Pursuit of deliciousness and nutritional balance! [Child fruit green juice]

It is recommended for children who are worried about their child’s immunity and suffer from constipation due to the high content of vegetable nutrition and lactic acid bacteria! !

For moms who face the health of their children on a busy day, it is hard to keep their children’s nutritional balance properly.
Sometimes I need help.

In such a case , [Kids Fruit Green Juice] was developed to be “not burdensome for meals”, “easy to use at any time” , and “supplement nutrition with peace of mind”
. Children’s fruit juice is only 50ml a day, not only for nutrition of vegetables, but
also for mothers and children who can get 14 billion lactic acid bacteria.

Most of the customers who use children’s fruit juice are parents who are worried about children’s shortage, unbalanced diet, and dislike of vegetables.

《Product Features》
・ Various nutrient-rich barley leaves from Kyushu
・ 40 kinds of plant fermented ingredients
, mainly vegetables ・ Blended with fruits that children love
・ Plenty of
calcium 140mg ・ Vitamin D which helps calcium absorption
・ Plant 14 billion lactic acid bacteria per cup! (Bifidobacterium with synergistic effect and oligosaccharides are also included)-Pesticide
residue test, radioactive material tested (not detected)
-Non-caffeine, no artificial sweetener
-Preservative, no colorant added

 See ↓↓


⑤How to wear the right mask

What is the effect of a mask?

The mask works best when a coughing or sneezing person wears it. It is said that a cold or flu patient releases about 100,000 viruses per cough, and about 2 million viruses per sneeze.

Therefore, by putting on a mask, the patient can reduce the surrounding contamination due to the splash containing these. Even if you put on a mask to avoid getting the new coronavirus, the effect is limited. Because there is a gap between the face and the mask, it is impossible to prevent 100% inhalation of droplets containing virus. In addition, the particle size of the virus itself is 0.1 to 0.2 μm, but when coughing or sneezing, water and dust adhere to the virus and the particle size becomes slightly larger than 5 μm. Because there is no.

In addition, viruses that adhere to the environment or clothing may be carried to the respiratory tract by hand and become infected, so it is not possible to reliably block cold and flu viruses with a mask alone. However, if there is a possibility that the person will be directly affected by a splash of cough or sneeze, such as nursing near a cold or flu patient, it may be effective. It works by catching droplets and dust containing viruses and bacteria with the outer filter.

However, if there is a gap between the face and the mask, more air will be sucked in without passing through the mask filter, and the effect of the mask will be reduced accordingly.

Also, since many viruses and bacteria are attached to the filter part during and after use, it is important to avoid touching it as much as possible and replace it once a day as a guide.

If you use it incorrectly, you will not be able to obtain a preventive effect or spread viruses and bacteria.

When attaching

1. Secure with elastic, cover nose, mouth and chin. The point is to cover both the nose and mouth.
2. Hold down the nose and adjust to fit.
3. Adjust so that there is no gap.

use Avoid using the mask as much as possible during use. In particular, be careful not to touch the filter that covers the area around your mouth. When you do, wash your hands immediately.

When removing

1. Hold the rubber part and move it upward.
2. Take care not to touch the surface of the filter, remove from the face and discard.
3. Wash your hands immediately.

There is no mask! ! I can’t buy it! ! How to make detailed videos

MAMADAYS – Mama Days –

⑥ Ventilate fresh air

Ventilation = To take in outside air and discharge (replace) internal air to maintain or improve the air environment of a specific space.

The air is invisible because it is invisible, but the air in the room is actually very dirty!

What is the correct ventilation method?

Fully open the diagonal windows so that the wind passes through the middle of the room.
At the same time, use a ventilation fan or fan to smoothly replace the air in the entire room.
ventilation should be performed about once every 1 to 2 hours. Ventilation can reduce virus concentration and infection rate.
Also, the virus released to the outside has a low risk of infection if its concentration is low.
For this reason, it goes without saying that if you can simply open the window, it is important to open the window.


を Maintain moderate humidity

Regarding the new coronavirus, there are controversial opinions and information is complicated, but at least it is definitely a virus infection, so normal antivirus measures should be minimized. Because when the air dries, the protective function of the throat mucosa decreases.
In a dry room, use a humidifier to maintain an appropriate humidity (50-60%).

ら な い Do not touch eyes, nose, mouth and face unnecessarily

People often touch their faces unconsciously.
As a preventive measure, WHO has called for the virus to enter the body and to avoid touching the eyes, mouth and nose with soft mucous membranes.
Doctors infected with the new coronavirus in Wuhan, China, also pointed out the possibility of infection from the conjunctiva of the eyes on the Chinese version of Twitter “Weibo”.
Some hospitals instruct doctors and nurses not to raise their hands over their shoulders to prevent infection by touching their faces.
If your hands get dirty in places where an unspecified number of people come and go, it is important to keep your face as low as possible until you wash your hands! !

In the future, people with hay fever should be careful ! !

Once symptoms occur, the nasal mucosa becomes more and more sensitive and worsens, so we recommend early treatment before symptoms worsen.
Starting to take oral therapies such as second-generation antihistamines in advance delays the onset of the disease and can be expected to have the effect of reducing the symptoms of the peak of pollen flight.
Rub your eyes or nose with itching. You will often have a chance to touch
your face, so wear a hat or mask and wear sunglasses or glasses when going out to prevent pollen from touching your face.
Special goggles are also sold, so you may want to try it.
As for your clothes, choose clothes that are as smooth and smooth as possible.
Extra care is required for top-wear items such as coats.
An air purifier is used inside the house to prevent pollen from scattering.
For people with a hard throat, it is also important to take measures such as using a humidifier to keep moisture.

Recommended pollen and corona measures products

★ ☆ ★ “New” space sanitization and deodorization service of “Kurikura” familiar with TV commercials! ★ ☆ ★

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Eight consecutive years! No.1 Customer Satisfaction The
“comfortable” space sanitization and deodorization service from the water server Kurikura [ZiACO] is now available! ! !

━━ About [ZiACO]

Hypochlorous acid aqueous solution developed by CLIKULA, which delivers safe and secure water.
By using it with a special sprayer, you can remove bacteria and deodorize every corner of your life.
can be used in various situations, such as disinfecting and deodorizing rooms as well as removing deodorants and pollen from clothes, as well as disinfecting and deodorizing kitchen areas, cars and toilets!
Demonstrates power even for stubborn pet odors! Coronavirus and pollen measures with hypochlorous acid! !
Is “hypochlorous acid” of the topic really effective? ! Can you try it first? For those who are, at ZiACO, you can rent a hypochlorous acid aqueous solution and a sprayer as a set for  free ♪

Do you know [Rental air purifier]? More economical than purchase! [Rental (all new)] air purifier for pollen, virus and PM2.5 measures! Because it is a rental, it is safe, easy, and hassle-free! All new! ・ Economical becauseyoudo not need to buy. Those who want to easily use the latest technology such as SHARP Plasma Cluster and Daikin Streamer at low price Those who forget the replacement time of filters etc. Those who feel troublesome in dealing with trouble etc. There is no cost other than rental fee at all Hmm! Only new products will be delivered

If the use is damaged or damaged, use of the unit is free of charge. Replacement
filter is free. Of course, it is free shipping. (When it is time to replace it, we will send you a replacement filter or cartridge from here. Please
exchange the body itself for free periodically with continuous use.


を Avoid unnecessary urgent outings and avoid crowds

Be careful especially for elderly people, people with underlying diseases, and pregnant women! !
Those with diabetes, chronic respiratory disease (asthma / emphysema), those on anticancer drugs, those on immunosuppressants, and those on steroids may be more likely to become severe. .
Severe cases lead to pneumonia and deaths have been confirmed, so be careful.

Coronavirus infection has entered a new phase at the stage of “community infection” in which it is impossible to follow the route from whom.
Now that the government has issued a guideline to refrain from going out of hurry, what is it? ? Some
people argue that moving people can lead to the spread of infection. I’m OK because I’m not infected! ! Being
aware that you may be the source of the infection and acting individually will stop further spread of the disease.

Consultation desk about new coronavirus

Guideline for consultation and consultation on new coronavirus infection

Maybe an infection? Where should I consult? Can I leave the hospital as it is?


Guideline for consultation and consultation on new coronavirus infection

1. Things to keep in mind before consultation and consultation

○ If you have a fever or other cold symptoms, take a break from school or work and refrain from going out.
○ If you have a fever or other cold symptoms, measure and record your body temperature every day.

2. Estimated consultation with Returnee and Contact Center

○ If you fall into any of the following categories, please contact the Returnees / Contact Center.


・ Those who have cold symptoms or fever of 37.5 degrees or more for more than 4 days
(this is also true for those who have to keep taking antipyretic drugs ).
Those who have strong drowsiness (malaise) and breathlessness (dyspnea) Immediately consult with the Returnee and Contact Consultation Center established by each prefecture (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).

○ In addition, the following people are more likely to become severe.

Please consult with the returnee / contact consultation center (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website) established by each prefecture.

・ Elderly people
・ Those who have basic disease such as diabetes, heart failure, respiratory disease (COPD etc.) or who are receiving dialysis
・ Those who use immunosuppressants or anticancer drugs

(For pregnant women) For
pregnant women, just in case, as well as those who are more likely to become seriously ill, returnees and contact center as soon as possible

(To those who have children) For
children, there is no report that the disease is likely to become more severe at this time, and for new coronavirus infections, please respond as indicated.

○ At the present time, there are overwhelmingly many diseases other than the new coronavirus infection. If you are concerned about influenza, etc., consult your GP as usual.

3. Requests to consult a medical institution after consultation
○ Please visit a medical institution recommended by the Returnees / Contact Consultation Center.

Please refrain from seeing more than one medical institution.
○ Wear a mask when consulting a medical institution, and thoroughly wash your hands and cough etiquette (use a mask, tissue, handkerchief, or sleeve to hold your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing). You.


Telephone consultation counter of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Telephone number: 0120-56565 (toll-free


→ We accept general consultations on new coronavirus infections.


→ We accept consultations for those suspected of having a new type of coronavirus infection.


→ Each prefectural labor bureau has a special labor consultation desk.


→ You can check information such as the outbreak situation of the new coronavirus and the prevention method.

Summary on prevention  

Thank you for reading to the end.

In my opinion, hospitals are ill with viruses and bacteria.
Especially at this time, outpatients are overflowing with people with symptoms such as the new coronavirus, influenza, gastroenteritis and cold.
Hospitals are at a higher risk of getting infectious diseases than downtown. It is most important that you do not go to the hospital as much as you can!
If you are worried, call the telephone counseling service established by each prefecture.
In addition, I would like you to refrain from visiting hospitalized patients as much as possible.
In order to protect your body, it is quite possible that you bring the bacteria from outside and transfer it to the patient.
I want a hospital to be a place where people who really need medical care can be treated properly.

In addition, we are at an important stage, in front of the new coronavirus, whether we can contain it as it is or move it into an epidemic.
With so many news reports and rumors spread, it is most important to find reliable information and take corrective action to prevent infections.


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